Free Gift - Sunflower Wallpapers

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At Idylissa we want our stuff to reflect nature's seasons, fit our moods, and show off our personalities. But it's easy to feel drab when looking at screens all day.

What if our screens worked WITH us to keep up uplifted? That's why we change our phone cases with the seasons. How about changing our background wallpaper images, too?!

Thank you for being a loyal Idylissa fan! ūüíú

To celebrate YOU, we made you a collection of sunflower wallpapers for your desktop or phone! We believe you deserve to look at beautiful images all day long!

What's your style? Minimalist? Bold and colorful? We hope you love one of these!

You're free to use these images however you like (non-commercially, of course!) Instructions are at the bottom of this page. Use the ones that make you smile, and we hope you enjoy the rest of your summer! ūüĆĽ

Sunflower Desktop Wallpapers

Desktop Wallpaper with collage of summer photographs and the words "Inspired Summer" on a postit note.Inspired Summer Photo Collage Sunflower Desktop Wallpaper


Desktop wallpaper design with sunflowers drawn along the bottom


Minimalist Sunflower Desktop Wallpaper


Sunflower Phone Background Wallpapers


Phone background wallpaper with a faded collage-style image with a sunflower and a dragonfly


Sunflower phone background wallpaper closeup detail of sunflower petals


Minimalist sunflower phone background wallpaper

If you need an extra hand with these instructions, reply to any email from us and Issa will be happy to walk you through it. You deserve to look at beautiful images all day!

Desktop Wallpaper Instructions

Windows: On this page, right click and save the image you want to use. Then go to your desktop, right click on the saved image, and choose "set as desktop background".
Mac: On this page, right click and save the image you want to use. Then open Preferences and go to "Desktop & Screen Saver". Press the + button in the lower left. Select the image.
Microsoft Edge/Explorer: On this page, right click on the image you want to use. picture. Click "set as background".

Phone Wallpaper Instructions

Android: On this page, long press the image you want and select download image. Open the image from your image folder, click the menu, then select "Set as wallpaper". 
iPhone: On this page, download the image you want to use. Then tap Settings > Wallpaper > Choose a New Wallpaper. Tap the photo you want.