5 Rituals To Get Ready For Spring

5 Rituals To Get Ready For Spring

Every year I embrace spring with a bit of madness. I feel restless and powerful. My thoughts overflow with ideas for ambitious projects. I even believe I can even pull them off!

Spring means fresh air, growth, bright colors, and a sense that anything is possible. Do you feel it, too? Do you have any regular routines that help you welcome and embrace spring energy in your life?

Sometimes I find my mood lagging behind the return of the daylight. I haven't mentally caught up to the idea that it's time to get moving. I need to let my brain know that it's time to wake up. I have habits that I return to each spring, and they get me in the mood for all that spring has to offer.

If you need a jump start, on of these might work for you, too!

5 Spring Rituals To Try

1. Throw open the windows

This is so simple, but if I'm in a grumpy mood, I resist doing this. I stubbornly cling to the dark. But when I'm able to open up, the positive impact on my day is immediate!

Pull back the curtains, and raise the blinds. Let as much light as possible into your home. Open all your windows and let the spring air move freely. This alone can make your home feel fresher and cleaner. Dust moves out, clean air moves in. You can breathe a little easier.

2. Classic spring cleaning

While you've got those windows open, how about a good old fashioned spring cleaning?

Some people are ambitious and go for the whole house cleaning. I'm more minimalist. Shake out the rugs. Wash your sheets. Wipe down the windows. Do at least those three things, and you're off to a clean spring.

3. Update your life

Wanna go a step further?

Take stock of your space, your clothes, and your mindset. Throw stuff away! Be brutal. Anything that doesn't serve you, toss it. Anything that doesn't feel nurturing, give it the boot.

Add something new to the places you clear out. You're probably long overdue for an update, and spring is the perfect time.

sunrise over a grassy field

4. Rise with the sun

I try to stay grateful for the little things in life. But it's easy to let complaints stack up.

If you have the same problem, here's a way to get a gratitude boost and get in touch with your spiritual self:

One morning, wake up just before the sunrise. The spring equinox makes the perfect date for this. Find yourself a quiet spot to get comfortable and greet the day. Instant gratitude for the amazing world we have every day.

5. Brainstorm big projects

This is my favorite! I do this a couple of times during the year, and spring is the best one. It's all about creativity and productivity and empowerment all in one!

Grab a brand new notebook and a fancy new pen. Block out 20 uninterrupted minutes. Brainstorm big, awesome projects you'd like to get started this year. Write down ideas as fast as you can without thinking too much.

Spring is the season to dream it. And if you dream it, you can do it. There ya go.

Welcome Spring!