Our Mission

We sell beautiful, nature-inspired products that make you feel happy and at peace, using bright colors, playful images, and touchable materials.

Let us help you rediscover what delights you so you can show off your wild & whimsical side!

We celebrate all the seasons of nature and take our commitment to the planet seriously.

Our Responsibility

Inspired by our love of nature, we choose eco-conscious materials and manufacturing practices when possible.

For our printed products we don't create your product until you order it. This means we never have wasteful overstock that gets thrown away if it doesn't sell.

Our Tshirts are Platinum WRAP Certified, 100% Sweatshop Free, and Eco-Aware.

Our Tshirts are 100% cotton so as to not add more microplastics to the world. Cotton is a great choice for clothes!

For products that are better suited to polyester, such as our indoor throw pillows, we choose recycled polyester.

We donate a portion of every sale

to protecting biodiversity and halting species extinction.

Re:wild's mission is to protect and restore the wild to build a thriving Earth where all life flourishes. Re:wild partners with Indigenous peoples and local communities to conserve the world’s wildest areas and most threatened species.

Every time you make an Idylissa purchase, we donate part of the proceeds to Re:wild. Due to core donors who cover their operating costs, 100% of your donation goes directly to the people and places with the biggest impact for biodiversity.

Visit Re:wild to learn more.

Issa Waters, Founder

Yup, that's me, the one with the always-unruly hair!

A couple of years ago I realized how much I had ignored myself during my kids' early years. It was time to take myself less seriously and enjoy my life more.

I started designing and curating products that delighted me. As a life-long nature-lover, that's where my focus naturally fell. I think everything's better with a sunflower on it (or a bee, or a heart!), and that's how Idylissa was born.

My #1 goal for Idylissa is to put a smile on your face.

I hope you feel a sense of joy as you browse the shop - the same joy I felt creating the whimsical designs you see here.

I live in a log house in Knoxville, TN where I'm committed to the health of the world outside my front door and across the whole planet.

Your Joy

You can wear "grown up colored" clothes if you want to. You can decorate your house in beige. You can buy notebooks at a big box store. You can carry the same phone case as everyone else.

Or you can make YOUR life look like YOUR joy.

And if your joy looks anything like our joy, we're going to discover some wonderful treasures together!

Your Magic

We want to help you recapture magic and playfulness in your life. Buy things that YOU like. Things that inspire you. Things that remind you of you. Don't let anyone talk you out of it.

We believe that YOU are magic!

Remember being a kid who loved butterflies and chasing rainbows?

We do!! We're devoted to helping you recapture that simple, easy-going magic.

Your Values

A love for the environment.

A commitment to buying responsible products.

A desire to spread a little love and kindness in the world.

We hope it's clear that we share your values.

Let us make buying joyful products for your life as simple and easy as a butterfly fluttering on a breeze.

What's Next?

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