All Idylissa, we take our inspiration from the magic of nature. We celebrate all the colors and seasons of our beautiful planet.

The natural world informs our design process, of course, bringing life to all our nature-inspired imagery. But nature is also on our mind throughout all our business decisions.

We take our relationship to the planet seriously.

Our Choices

Inspired by our love of nature, we choose eco-conscious materials and manufacturing practices whenever possible.

🖨️ For our printed products we don't create your product until you order it. This means we never have wasteful overstock that gets thrown away if it doesn't sell.

👕 We source our Tshirts from a company that is Platinum WRAP Certified, 100% Sweatshop Free, and eco-aware. They prioritize reduced CO2 emissions, reduced landfill waste, and use 7X less water than the average for clothing manufacturers.

👚 Our Tshirts are 100% cotton so as to not add more microplastics to the world. Cotton is a great choice for clothes!

🛋️ For products that are better suited to polyester, such as our indoor throw pillows, we choose recycled polyester.

📲 Our phone case manufacturing is ROHs & REACH compliant, which keeps you safe from hazardous materials. It meets Fair Labor Association Standards to help promote human rights. Our phone case provider is a member of amfori:BSCI – the worldwide Business Social Responsibility Initiative.

🚚 While many of our materials originate overseas and are shipped in bulk to the US to be finished, we do not work with overseas printers who then ship individual products to US customers. We work as close to home as possible to reduce the ecological costs of your purchase.

Our Partnership

We know we can't make perfect ecological choices, so we want to do more.

We decided to donate a portion of every sale to a program that is doing big work all across the globe.

Re:wild's mission is to protect and restore the wild to build a thriving Earth where all life flourishes. Re:wild partners with Indigenous peoples and local communities to conserve the world’s wildest areas and most threatened species.

Every time you make an Idylissa purchase, we donate part of the proceeds to Re:wild. Due to core donors who cover their operating costs, 100% of your donation goes directly to the people and places with the biggest impact for biodiversity.

Your purchases help Idylissa in our commitment to responsible choices, and they help Re:wild in their mission to protect biodiversity and halting species extinction.

It's Worth It

These business decisions mean less profit for us. We could choose products based purely on the bottom line. 

But we wouldn't feel as good about those choices, and we don't think you would, either.

Since we share these values, we make a pretty good match! Reach out any time to let us know what you think about our sustainability practices. We'd love to hear your ideas or any concerns you have.

Or hey, email us a picture of your garden or something you spotted on a nature walk. We know you love nature just as much as we do!

From us to you to the world: THANK YOU!