7 Unique Dandelion Phone Cases That Are Perfect for the Season

7 Unique Dandelion Phone Cases That Are Perfect for the Season

You need a dandelion phone case that matches your mood and matches the season! 

Whether you’re carrying an iPhone, a Samsung Galaxy or a Google Pixel, we’ve put together 9 favorite dandelion phone cases, and you’re sure to find one that you love.

What's your style? Minimalist? Retro? Whimsical? We found something for everyone. Scroll all the way down so you don't miss your perfect dandelion phone case!

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  • Samsung Galaxy S10, S10E, S10 Plus 

Most models are available in matte or glossy finish.

Now let's find your favorite!

7 Dandelion Phone Cases That Let You Carry a Piece of Nature Everywhere You Go

yellow phone case with a bluebird holding a dandelion

1. Bluebird Dandelion Phone Case

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How can you resist this cute little bluebird holding a dandelion? With a bright sunshine yellow background, this dandelion phone case starts your day off right.

Perfect for: Morning people. Bird-watchers. Anyone who loves whimsy.

Black phone case with white line graphic of dandelions

2. Black Dandelion Wishes Phone Case

This dandelion phone case strikes a more minimalist tone. Sometimes all you need is no distractions, a gentle breeze, and a dandelion for making a wish.

Perfect for:Type-A-ers. Writers. Anyone with a flair for the dramatic. 

Retro Sunset Dandelions Phone Case

3. Bright Retro Sunset Dandelions Phone Case

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We love this one because it reminds us of hitting the waves, even if there's never a dandelion in sight at the beach! No matter! You can make a dandelion wish anywhere you go this summer.

Perfect for: Not telling your mom where you're going on your road trip. Keeping the sun at your back.

Pro Tip: This one has a dark green color option, too.

Dandelion Daydream Phone Case

4. Dandelion Daydream Phone Case

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If you're stuck indoors, this green garden design brings a little of the wild fields of summer to your desk.

Perfect for: Shift workers. Best friends. Anyone who needs a breath of fresh air.

5. Serene Dandelion Phone Case

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This one made the cut for its artistic style. With detailing reminiscent of a painting, it's a unique take on a dandelion phone case.

Perfect for: The quiet ones. The worriers. Anyone who needs a regular nature boost.

Colorful phone case with abstract dandelion artwork

6. Whimsical Burst Dandelions Phone Case

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If you're a nature lover who craves a touch of whimsy and beauty in your day-to-day life, this is the dandelion case you need. You’ll feel light and breezy as if you're cloud watching from a meadow. 

Perfect for: Forest wanderers. Earnest gardeners. Anyone who dreams of escaping.

blue phone case with abstract dandelion artwork

7. Summer Starbursts Phone Case

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One more! This one reminds us of a starry summer night. It looks like a field of dandelions below and the colors of fireworks above.

Perfect for: Night owls. People who leave the nightlight on. Anyone who loves a party.

There ya go! 7 Magical Dandelion Phone Cases for Every Style and Personality.