10 Things That Are Better With A Bee On It

10 Things That Are Better With A Bee On It

Spring is here, summer is just around the corner, and life is better the more bees there are! Even when you're stuck indoors, you can "bee happy" by bringing some bee imagery into your every day life.

Try these ideas!

1. A pillow with a bee on it

This floral throw pillow brings beauty and kindness into your life with spring flowers, bright colors, and a buzzing bee friend as well! You'll never forget to "bee" kind with this soft reminder.

2. A tshirt with a bee on it

There's so much to fall in love with! There's the bee, the heart, and the flower. There's the inclusive sizing! Or maybe the comfy blue color catches your eye. This is the perfect tee for spring and summer. 

3. Canvas artwork with a bee on it

This flower and bee mini canvas is only 6 inches by 6 inches which means you can prop it up literally anywhere you need a little extra summer happiness. 

4. An affirmation card with a bee on it

Here's something a little different. The bees do what they like with their days, and Whatever I Want Affirmation Card reminds you that you can, too!

5. Notebook with a bunch of bees on it

Dream away the summer days, yes, but catch some of your great ideas in this orange notebook with a fun bee pattern.

Hot tip: This notebook is a perfect match for #10 on this list!

6. Phone case with a bee on it

Putting a bee on your phone case is the easiest way to add a little bee love to your every day life. With its yellow honeycomb background and happy little buzzing bee, we think this one is the perfect one!

7. Journal with a bee on it

Is this your season to bloom? This journal is your perfect companion as you grow as beautifully as a field of wildflowers. It's hardcover with lined pages, and it LAYS FLAT!

8. Pin with a bee on it

Awwwww! You need The Cutest Little Bee Enamel Pin to stick to your bag or your jacket and take a little bee love with you everywhere you go.

9. Another notebook with a bee on it 

I know we already listed a notebook, but we love this one and just have to include it, too. It's a little more of a fun, quirky design, and just perfect to help you "bee inspired" in everything you write!

10. Backpack with a bunch of bees on it

Ooh we love things that match! This orange backpack coordinates with the notebook in #5. You'll have all the bees you can handle in a great backpack that can handle all your stuff!