Why Are Idylissa Tshirts 100% Cotton?

Why Are Idylissa Tshirts 100% Cotton?

There are a lot of decisions that affect a final product that I offer for sale.

My favorite decisions are the design-related ones. What imagery? What colors? What kind of statement am I making? Do I need another product with a honeybee on it? (The answer is always yes!)

When it came time to choose what Tshirts I would offer, I made one more important decision.

I decided to use 100% cotton.

5 women all wearing different colorful Tshirts

I know cotton isn't everyone's favorite. Polyester has some nice things going for it, too, if you're only considering look and feel.

At Idylissa I also want to consider the environmental impact of our products. While I haven't been able to choose natural materials for all of my products, cotton is a reliable and quality choice for clothes.

Benefits of 100% Cotton

Cotton Tshirts have lots of benefits.

  • They're breathable for comfort in all temperatures.
  • They're soft and comfortable. 
  • They're durable through lots of washes and don't stretch out over time.
  • They don't need special treatment like ironing.
  • They don't hold odors like some other materials do.

And my favorite - they're made from a natural plant material.

On the other hand...

Environmental Impact of Polyester

Polyester is a manufactured synthetic fiber It's a type of plastic, usually made from petroleum. Polyester has a worrisome environmental impact during production, use, and disposal.

Polyester used to be considered a smart choice for clothes, but now we've learned that it sheds small pieces of plastic called microplastics with every wash. These microplastics fill our water and air, and are ingested by marine life and other animals. And us!

The full impact of the microplastics problem is not yet clear, but it IS already clear that the problem is huge and will be hard to address.

There's no such thing as an impact-free life. I know I can't "save the world". And sometimes other priorities make it to the top.

But when it comes to clothes this is one small choice that I can make and can feel good about.

I hope you love the 100% cotton Tshirts from Idylissa as much as I do. You can be cute while knowing you've made a great choice for the environment.

💜💜 Issa Waters 💜💜